External Blinds

By installing Countrywide Window Covering quality External Blinds you may reduce your cooling costs up to 40%. By reducing heat gain, you will reduce the need for air conditioning, and improve your carbon foot print.

With the latest new fabrics available including woven mesh, acrylic and canvas external awnings can enhance your home's looks.

Many of Countrywide Window Coverings' stylish awnings can be motorised with the option of wind and sun sensors, making it more convenient to raise and lower your blind.

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Standard Fabric Awnings

Countrywide have a large range of Awnings that are practical and durable shading solutions which are available in a range of styles and fabrics.

External Awnings can reflect up to 69% of the sun's heat before entering your home, reducing temperatures inside your home by 5-15*, keeping your home cooler and reducing energy consumption.


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Contemporary External Awnings

Contemporary External Awnings – An unobtrusive way of providing shade solutions especially popular on modern houses

Countrywide’s Contemporary External Awnings seamlessly integrate with any design style and can be made for small or large windows but are specifically designed for large windows. The weather box is fully enclosed offering the advantages of not exposing the tube or any ugly mechanisms providing a more streamlined look and protecting the fabric when the awning is retracted inside.

Options with these Countrywide's Contemporary External Awnings include either the stainless steel guides or the blockout channels.

Stainless steel guides can give your home a contemporary look and do not require mounting along the side of the window which allows the Contemporary External Awnings to be fitted almost anywhere including doors and directly over glass with an unobtrusive look – offering great versatility!

Blockout side channels sit flush against the window which allows no sun to shine through behind the blinds side on and gives you better shading compared to almost every other external blind option.

Some of the Features of Countrywide’s Contemporary External Awnings include:

  • Individual parts can be colour coordinated
  • Symmetrical guiding system for ease of use
  • Range of operating option including motorisation
  • Unobtrusive aluminium head box
  • Available in large range of fabric to suit your décor of your house including screen and canvas fabrics.

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Pivot Arm Awnings

Countrywide’s Pivot Arm Awnings operate by arms that pivot in an arc thus allowing the fabric to extend and retract. The benefit is that a larger area between the awning and window is created which enables greater air circulation while still allowing wind-out (awning) windows to open.

Pivot Arm Awnings are available in different operations including tape winch, crank operated and motorisation.

Call now to discuss which type of awning is best suited for your window.

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Folding Arm Awnings/ Roof Awnings

Folding Arm Awnings

Countrywide's Folding Arm Awnings are excellent high quality sun shading solution to cover your outdoor areas.

Available up to 3.6m in projection and 13m wide they have option extras of sun and wind sensors to assist in making life easier.

All awnings have heavy duty components for enhanced durability in the harsh Australian climate.

Roof Awnings

Countrywide also has a large range of roof sun/ rain protection systems available to suit almost any situation. Some of the systems are designed to withstand winds of upto 75kmph and extend your outdoor living area by upto 12 Metres wide and 6 Metres in Projection. Available in range of fabrics, this system comes complete with a large range of colours and available as motorised. Please call 5422 6966 to obtain a brochure or drop into our showroom to see our display awnings.


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Patio Blinds

Countrywide Clear Plastic Blinds are the perfect addition to any veranda, pergola or outdoor entertaining area. Ideal for cooler evenings, Clear Plastic Blinds are such a versatile option, simply raise the blind when you don't require them.

All blinds have reinforced sides and welded joints to provide a superior product.

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