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Why choose to motorise your blinds and curtains?

Why not..? add motorisation to your blinds or curtains to make life just that bit easier and more comfortable, especially in our busy lives now-a-days!

What about a simple solution to operate those hard to reach blinds... behind the bath… above the stairs... way up high... or to close your home theatre room curtains when you’re ready to start your night...

Countrywide Windowcoverings can offer you the ultimate choices in windowcoverings! Operate your blinds and curtains effortlessly at the touch of a button and watch them open/close at your convenience!!

Motorised windowcoverings are proving to be a more popular option as our clients’ keep up with today’s technology.

By choosing to motorise your blinds and/or curtains, it eliminates the need for chains and cords, making it an excellent option in creating a clean and modern look and also, very importantly, keeping in accord with child safety.

Countrywide Windowcoverings’ quality motorisation systems have been tested for external and internal operation to meet the highest standards.

Remote Control

You can control the movement of your blinds with a remote control which enables you to control your blinds from your couch or even in your bed!! Imagine that…….check out the weather & let the sun in without even getting out of bed to open your blinds!

For multi-story homes/buildings, motorisation allows you to operate external blinds from inside without the need to go outside. Proved to be very time efficient for busy people, providing the ability to raise and lower external awnings as desired to suit the situation, dependent of that day’s weather conditions, without wasting your valuable time.

For some applications, remote controlled/motorised blinds can provide a solution for windows/glass that would otherwise be unable to be able to have operating windowcoverings.

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