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Vogue Polyresin Shutters

Features and Benefits:

Traditional look
The look and quality your customers demand but at the cost and durability of Polyresin.

Low Maintenance
The Polyresin Vogue Shutter is easy to clean with just soap and water.

Environmentally Friendly
Vogue Shutters do not destroy our forests. All scrap is recycled.

Australian Made

Made from Polyresin
A colour fast compound with UV stabilizers designed with strength and durability, yet retaining a special warmth and feel. Shutters will not warp, shrink, chip, peel, or fade and never need painting.

Fire Retardant
Polyresin is fire retardant and self-extinguishing. It is safe to use in residential and commercial applications.

Water Resistant
Ideally suited for use above kitchen sinks, bathrooms or other high humidity areas. Vogue Shutters have no unsightly staples which may rust. and will not warp, crack or swell due to water exposure.

Additional Insulator
An R-value of 3.40 helps to reduce heating and air conditioning costs and outside noise. Closing the louvres upwards can help keep heat in the home and provide more privacy.

Modem Manufacturing
Custom crafted in state-of-the-art computerised production facilities that meet today's demanding quality standards.

White, Vanilla and Pearl.

Elliptical Louvre Sizes
64mm, 89mm, and 114mm
(114mm not available in Vanilla)

Patented Tilt Bar
Connecting Method
Provides the time honoured look associated with shutters. Louvres can be opened or fully closed in both directions, unlike other shutters which are one-directional only. This method has eliminated unsightly gears or staples which tend to rust or break.

Patented Clearview
Hidden louvre joiners provide an unobstructed view, giving our classic shutters a clean and contemporary look.

Patented Seamless Louvre Caps
Innovative seamless capping technology eliminates the seam between the louvre body and the end cap, for a sleek and modern look.

Panel Lock
This unique system eliminates the use of magnets. When panels are closed, a spring-loaded plunger acts as a ball catch to hold the panels in the closed position.

Exclusive Deluxe Divider Rail
The unique design of this rail integrates a handle which provides a clean and easy method of opening shutters. Offered as an option to the existing regular divider rail, the deluxe divider rail is the ultimate in functionality, design, and elegance.

Aluminium Jamb & Louvre Inserts
Provides a hidden reinforcement for patio door shutters and larger shutter panels.

Factory Installed Two Part Hinge System
Quick and easy to install. Allows panels to be removed easily for cleaning. Panels open fully for total access to the windows.

Light Block and Interlock
Exclusive to Vogue Shutters, they provide both an insulating seal and cover unwanted light gaps between panels.

Adjustable Jamb Cap
If adjustments are required, the screw located on the bottom of each panel can be threaded in or out of the cap accordingly. Thread into the panel until the screw is virtually invisible when adjustments are not needed.

Permanent Finish
Our Polyresin compound features a permanent finish resistant to dents and scratches. Should a scratch occur, it can be removed, without harming the finish.

Vogue Shutters are backed with a 20 Year warranty.

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Luxaflex Timber Shutters

Features and Benefits:

Made with Basswood Timber
Basswood timber is the popular choice for wood used in the timber shutter industry, as it is lightweight, yet strong and durable. It is smooth grained, allowing a superior paint finish.

The base timber is light coloured, and has very little grain, which means you will have a consistent finish when the timber is stained.

Timber is kiln dried to a low moisture content
Properly kiln-dried lumber is more stable minimising the risk of bowing and warping of profiles.

All panels are doweled and glued
Stronger construction which means that they will stand up to wear & tear.

No visible screw holes, which mean there are no unsightly marks to detract from the beauty of this natural product.

Superior Paint Finish
Electrostatic finishing utilizes state of the art equipment and ensures a smooth consistent finish over the entire shutter.

The final coats of each shutter is sprayed after it is assembled, ensuring consistent colour across all profiles.

The finish resists cracking, chipping & peeling under normal conditions, so your shutters will look new for many years to come.

Does not easily absorb stains, dirt, dust etc which makes cleaning your shutters a breeze.

Wide range of frame options
A variety of frames and mounting options are available, which are designed to meet the diverse range of consumer tastes and installation requirements.

Wide range of models (hinged, bi-fold, sliding)
The ability to cover most window applications, which can create a uniform look throughout the house.

Large range of colour & stain options
Choice of 4 paint & 22 stain options, allows you to choose a colour to complement and enhance the look of any room.

2 Louvre styles
Choice of traditional flat louvre or elliptical louvre to suit your decor.

65mm, 91mm & 116mm louvre options
Allows you to choose a louvre size to suit the style of Window, or give the amount of view through required.

Patented Tilt Bar Connector
Allows quiet closure meaning you are not disturbed by the rattling sounds of a traditional stapled tilt bar moving in the breeze.

TruView® Hidden Tilt Mechanism
Delivers a clean, contemporary design and a clear, unobstructed view through open louvres.

Energy Efficiency
Timber Shutters not only add beauty to the home, they also improve the energy efficiency and reduce outside noise.

5 Year Warranty* (Conditions apply)
Peace of mind.


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