Pelmets conceal curtain fittings neatly while providing insulation and protection from the sun.

Don't like the look of an exposed curtain track or blind at the top of your window? A pelmet is a great way to conceal fixtures and neatly finish off your curtains and can be fitted into the recess or the face of your architraves.

Pelmets add character to your windows. Whether they're timber, upholstered, painted or aluminium; plain, arched or curved; there’s an option to suit your home and lifestyle.

Go a step further customise your pelmet with a contrasting fabric or use a decorative trim. There’s a large range of options to choose from at our Kyneton showroom and our staff are always happy to provide inspiration.

Pelmet add an insulation barrier at the top of your curtains and blinds that prevents convection currents. This stops warm air transferring through the window, significantly reducing heat loss during winter.

In summer, pelmets help block out harsh light and heat from outside, keeping the room cooler for longer and reducing the need for cooling. This makes them a popular choice for Aussie homes.


Used For :
  • Bedroom
  • Living Areas
Features and Benefits :
  • Hide mechanism of blinds/curtains, Insulation
Location :
  • Living
  • Bedroom
  • Kitchen
  • Drapes with Pelmets_0.jpg
  • Drapes with Pelmets 2_0.jpg
  • Soft Roman Blinds with Pelmets in Dining Room.JPG

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